What is the hardest fact to get over about a wedding...there are no such thing as a SIMPLE WEDDING!

I heard a lot of my client said...

I just want a simple wedding. 

I don't have many guests. It will be a small wedding.

I don't want to stress, I just want to keep it simple. 

The truth is...

There is nothing simple about planning a wedding. 

As it is not just about you and your partner.

It is around two families who are totally different and joining together to be united on one special day.

We heard about Men are from MARS; Women are from VENUS.

Think about this x by 10 fold. That is what a WEDDING is. 

Since, we are all different, have a different culture, expectation, upbringing. 

The best way to deal with the wedding stress is to understand one FACT.

There is no such thing as a SIMPLE WEDDING. 

But... don't lose your hope just yet. There is the chance of getting an EASY WEDDING.

To achieve an EASY WEDDING.

a) SIMPLE WEDDING is just a dream. 

You must first understand it is not simple, as no matter, it is for 10 people or 1000 people, the steps are almost the same. Unless there is only you of you at the wedding.

(Which I have personally witnessed and have signed a few marriage certificates.)

Your steps on the wedding planning are the same for 10 people or for 1000 people.

b) Pre-Check List and Family Meetings

So, list them all down then see what you feel is the most important to you and to your family.

(Yes, you must think about your family, as they are playing a BIG part in the wedding)

If you need to, do a pre-checklist of what you think is important.

Then individually, set up meetings for the bride's family then the grooms family.

The first meeting is very important to do it separately to avoid unnecessary conflicts. 

After gathering everyone's wishes together. then put the two list together. 

Work out what you want and what is important to each of the family.

Then, after the shortlist. You can get both families together for one dinner and discussion to finalise what will be included on this checklist to follow to achieve this EASY WEDDING.

c) Which one is the decision marker?

When booking vendors and other wedding related items. 

You and your partner can decide on what is the decision maker for which area.

Such as the groom to have the final say in the car hire, photographysuit and shoes.

The bride to have the final say on Hair & Makeup Artist, bridal shoes and accessories, Cake designinvitation card and wedding styling. 

By understanding each other's responsibility and who is the final decision maker. It will surely help to reduce lots of stress and conflicts. 

As a woman myself, if we say we will leave it to him... then give him the freedom and TIME to get his part done. Do not push or being too micromanaging. It will not do the relationship any good. (It is SO hard, I know... been there, done that. But until we don't learn to trust him now, how can we trust him the rest of our life? So, sing with me... LET IT GO>>> LET IT GOOOO>>>)

d) Budget .... Really? 

We all need to know how much we are spending on things as there are a lot more things to pay for the rest of your life together.... YES or NO.

A wedding is where you can spend money on yourself without being guilty about it. 

Of course, I am not saying to get a personal loan just to pay for the wedding with money that you don't have. 

I am saying to spend what you can afford to have it the best way you can, then why not?

You only get married once and I hate it when people make us feel guilty about spending money on ourselves but is totally ok to spend it on the kids, on the car, the house...etc etc.

It is the one day you are allowed to be a princess of your dream. So do it. 

Once you have kids, everything will go to the kids... it will. 

So, for the last time, you can spend your hard earned money on yourself to create a wedding memory that will last for a lifetime. 

If you need to spend that tiny bit more to get the best. DO IT without guilt. 

In our industry, you do get what you paid for.

No second chance to get a better makeup artist or a designer wedding gown that fits you perfectly or a better photographer. 

No second chance to create a fairy tale wedding that will make that experience of a lifetime by getting the best stylist for your wedding. 

REMEMBER, we are worth it!

Hope by sharing my experiences in the wedding industry over the last 14 years.

I could help the bride to be, groom to be and engaged couples how to reduce stress, reduce conflicts and have your dream EASY WEDDING.